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Our travel agency and tour operators specialize in legal "People to People" travel to CubaSpanish language immersion in Guatemala and guided trips to Guatemala and Panamá. Join one of our regularly scheduled tours or build your own experience. Every traveler desires a unique journey. Let us find one for you.



Whether you desire a travel experience centered around architecture, birding, dance, diving, history, music, yoga, adventure, or language learning - our experienced travel agents can arrange a custom itinerary perfectly suited to you. Or, you can discover your global interests by joining an open trip .



We partner with local thought leaders and tour operators at our destinations. Why pay ourselves for work we could employ locals for? Our relationships are built on shared values – the idea of traveling with respect, focus on preservation, education, and immersion. We connect you for a truly exceptional trip.


Travel in a way that connects & gives back.

As experts in socially responsible travel, our custom-designed guided tours support conservation, local communities and native customs. Tours are designed to facilitate a two-way cultural exchange that leaves a lasting, positive impression on visitor, host, and country. Tourism is an effective way of redistributing wealth, generating positive economic benefits for local businesses and providers.

Enjoy exclusive access.

Access is the premier foundation of social-tourism. Building strong relationships with local residents and organizations is a long-term endeavor, one that GoodTrip has excelled at extensively. With strategic in-country partnerships, you’ll experience an immersive and participatory atmosphere, connecting yourself on a deep and memorable level to the activities that interest you.

Practice responsible travel.

Socially responsible travel demands constant dedication and innovation. By acknowledging the effects of technology, spending, and tourist activities on the local environment, trips are designed to minimize the potential for negative effects. Local guides partner with us to educate travelers of the region’s natural and cultural history, as well as the existing ecosystems. Connecting in genuine and relevant ways to tour destinations elevates travel experiences and encourages further stewardship.

Work with influencers & trend setters.

There’s a new era of social responsibility and environmental conscientiousness dawning in global travel. Our tours introduce you to local thought leaders in the fields of ecology, economics and tourism science. Partner yourself with thought leaders in the conversation for positive, responsible, sustainable international travel.

Design your trip.

Customize your travel experience around your personal interests. We offer itineraries that connect you to local artisans and organizations specializing in: art, architecture, birding, boxing, cuisine, dance, history, music, trekking, yoga – and more. We look forward to bringing you a high-quality, personalized tour of your destination area.

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    Our Active Mission


    Provide journeys of discovery and connection that allow opportunities to make a positive social and environmental impact at tour destinations.


    Partner with you to experientially strengthen knowledge of our global community.


    Operate conscientiously, facilitating travelers to fully experience local culture, understand financial, political & ecological interests, and protect destination areas.

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